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Getting Help

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the course? Or are you just stuck on an assignment? This page has suggestions and links to resources that may help you.

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You are expected to personally complete the entire assignment yourself unless specifically stated otherwise in the assignment instructions. However, this does not mean that you cannot get clarifications or other help.

Instructor Help

If the assignment seems too hard to complete without help, then you should contact me. My job is to help you learn the material.

As an option, you may discuss your assignment with, and show your code to, another Cabrillo College Computer Science Instructor if they agree to help you. We all have the knowledge and skills needed to help you learn the material.

Helping Each Other

You may help other students, and receive help from other students, and I encourage you to do so. However, there are restrictions on what is permissible. Please see the Course Information page section on Scholastic Dishonesty for information on what help you can give and receive.

Course Content


The textbook is the probably the best book for understanding the course content. However, you may want to find another book to help you understand the course material. If you find another book that is particularly good, please let me know so I can pass the information on to others.

Online Content

Class notes, instructional material, and student assignments are all posted online. You should look at the Home page, which has a link from the Instructor's Page, for a list of the online content.

Instructor Help

If you are not clear about some concept discussed in class or the textbook, you should contact me. My job is to help you learn the material and I am happy to help you get an answer to a question.

Note that helping you understand the material is not the same as giving you an answer. I may refer you to the lecture notes or another source for more information.

Also note that the instructor of a course is not a tutor. If you need remedial work or private lessons then you should get a tutor.


The best source is the STEM Center. Another possible source is the Tutorial Center which may provide some limited tutoring for free. Private tutoring costs money, but could be worth it. Check the bulletin board in the CTC for offerings.

Note that if you use a tutor, the tutor is not allowed to do your homework assignments for you. A tutor's job is to help you learn the material and you cannot learn if you do not complete the work yourself. Please see the syllabus section on Scholastic Dishonesty for information on what help a tutor, or anyone else, can give you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) page for a list of questions (with answers) about the course.


You should check your scores frequently during the term. I give written feedback on most assignments, which are designed to help you do better on the next assignment. If you have questions about problems you missed on any exercise or assignment, please see me right away. I want to ensure both that you understand the material and that your grades are accurate and fair.

Support Services


Counselors are committed to providing students with up-to-date information and informed advice regarding their educational and career goals. For more information or to set up an appointment, call 479-6274 or click here.

Accessibility Support Center

Cabrillo College has some resources for students with learning disabilities. If you think you might have a learning disability, you might be interested in taking a quick self-assessments. See the Accessibility Support Center page for more information.

Other Student Resources

Cabrillo College has many resources available to students. We want our students to succeed! To see a list of the resources offered, click here.

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